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4 Ways To Get Beach Ready

"It may sound stupid, but going on a vacation moreover to the beach isn't as careless as it seems. To entirely enjoy every day at the beach, it needs out-and-out preparations from intensive workouts, seriously planned diets to total body grooming. Mainly I prepare everything a few months ago, so didn't have so much to do, but working out more intensively to get rid of some excess weight. Now when I'm ready and want to share with you some recommendations."

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If I Were A Husband

"Despite the fact, I've never been at any wedding and not going to marry in a near future, I deliberated about what I would wear to my wedding. Honestly, it didn't take a very long time as I expected and I chose only the things I fell in love at the first sight. By the way, I don't like traditional weddings (as I saw in movies) and would like to have a hard party immediately after a ceremony. So here's what I would wear to my fictitious wedding (at least for now)."

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How To Get Glossy Hair

"A few weeks left until Summer, and we all want to rock the summer and get the coolest vibes. We all have various choices to make our summer unforgettable, but the majority of us before anything else wants to look our best. Who can't but notice beautiful hair? Healthy-looking and shiny hair are a fundamental truth and if you want it, then you must admit that it'll require a long time and a lot of efforts. That's why before summer I decided to make a little guide of haircare for this summer (despite the fact I'm going to buzz cut, I can't but share my secrets with you)."

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