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Feud: Bette and Joan is a heartbreaking story of manipulation, ageism, ingratitude, and most of all, the terrible fear of being cast aside and being unwanted and unneeded. It's the story of two formidable women who had built a career in the public spotlight and desperately wanted to hold on to it and also shown the cruelty of the old Hollywood. The story begins in the early 60's when both Davis and Crawford's stars had begun to dim after careers that pulled back to the silent era; Murphy makes it plain that a cruel Hollywood no longer had any use for these women because they were on the wrong side of 50. It's a time before easy plastic surgery and fillers, and the camera was not kind. Murphy and his creators work hard to make series of how badly Hollywood treated women, including legends, and how it easily disrespected and used them. The acting of Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon was so profound and real. I believed in every word, every emotion they showed. It's undoubtedly one of the best series of this decade. The majority of millennials including me must be happy to live in a century when every person is equal to each, and non-age, non-sex, non-sexual orientation, non-color, nothing does matter but talent and higher qualities.



Iranian-born, Netherlands-based artist Sevdaliza has just released her debut album, ISON. Some of you may be wondering who, exactly, Sevdaliza is? It's ok. She hasn't had that huge breakout yet, but after this album, I'm sure she'll find her place. The album is discovering pieces of her identity and challenging how the world limits it. Her one of the firsts singles "Sirens of the Caspian" immediately make me love her. Before the surprising release of ISON, she shared music video to "Human" one of the singles of the album. In the music video, she was a half-human erotic dancer who hypnotised everyone with her dance. There are already a few singles have stolen my heart: "Human", "Blucid", "Shahmaran" and "Do You Feel Real". In conclusion, the album feels like a lifetime observed and past lives unearthed. It has a neat and profound idea, what we don't feel from the majority artists. 



Anastasia Sokolova has recently released a book "How to become the best editor of the gloss?"  which is must read not only for beginner journalists but for professionals as well. She has managed to be deputy editor-in-chief of Glamour magazine, headed Condé Nast Creative Studio, and since 2014 she has been the chief editor of Vogue Russia, The book tells objectively and visually, on very real examples how to master the skills of editor in gloss. It's kind of manual for all writers in fashion as it tells the history of gloss in Russia, explain how properly write a news, how to write a feature, how to take an interview and etc. It's quite lightweight to read cause there are a lot of examples, comparisons of articles and all that kind of stuff, which makes the reader understand the theory in practice. As a fashion blogger, it helped me a lot to rethink what I write and how. The main issue of the book is that's only available in Russian but hope to see its English version as well soon.