Tbilisi Fashion Week: Fall 2018

Tbilisi is kind of our second hometown and our visits there aren't a rare thing, but Mercedes Benz Tbilisi Fashion Week is a special occasion to visit it again and meet the designers, people I really miss. The event has become kind of friends gathering and the atmosphere is truly warm although every time in the end, it's always sad to say goodbye.

 Gucci Headband, Gucci sunglasses, Nouman blazer, Balenciaga shirt, Les Hommes shorts, Versus Watch, Maria Black Jewellery earrings, Runa Jewellery ring, Givenchy shoes

I was staying in Rooms Hotels which is truly one of the stylish hotels I've ever seen. The concept of the hotel is as well developed so every corner of it is absolutely atmospheric. I was so inspired there so did an editorial shooting the first day of my stay which you could have probably seen on my Instagram. I just have no words to describe it, you just need to experience it as well to feel what I felt. 

Dave Waldorf

The first day started with "Talk with Gosha Rubchinskiy" and it's very nice to meet him in person and talk about his visions of the global fashion industry and its future as well as the importance of having unique style nowadays. The main venue was Tbilisi Circus, an old Soviet neo-classical building designed by Stepan Satunts and Nikolay Neprintsev and built in 1939. I really liked the place they chose for this season as the main venue, though outside it was very hot and I couldn't predict the weather so took a lot of warm clothes with me. 

 Tbilisi Circus

As I already have some favourite designers I was thrilled to see their new collections and how they develop their brands. As previous time my favourites still are Lado Bokuchava, Tamuna Ingorokva, Situationist, George Keburia and a few others (I'll share my favourite looks below the post). 

 Don Paris beret hat, Gucci crystal sunglasses, Maria Black Jewellery earrings, Gucci crystal bow brooch, Juun.J oversized polo shirt, Societe Anonyme wide-leg trousers, Givenchy shoes, Alexander McQueen studded bracelet

Lado Bokuchava has kept his signature trick of gloves sewn together with the top and I'm in love with all that chic stuff. Tamuna Ingorokva has stolen my heart with her monochromic collection and matching styles. Irakli Rusadze planned to do his fashion show of Situationist at Women's Prison but due to some problems with paperwork a few hours before the show location was changed but actually, the new location let everyone to be more focused on the clothes. This time he was more concerned on classic styles like a solo-button blazer, and a chocolate brown cropped jacket with wide-leg matching trousers. George Keburia worked with pieces of a classical wardrobe as well but experimented with them adding some layers on shoulders and in conclusion, the collection looked quite retro-futuristic.