Is It Worth Your Money?

The list of unreasonably expensive accessories we have a renewal. Raf Simons's F/W 2017 collection was perfectly marvellous featuring various styles of oversized coats I loved the most. I put an eye on the black long wool coat with satin lapels which was belted with duct tape. It was a cool idea of accessorizing the coats with duct tape, but who knew that Raf Simons would try to profit by it?

 Raf Simons F/W 2017 Duct Tape

The duct tape's retail price is 200$ for each and it means that you probably won't be using it to package up your boxes. They are available in two colours: black (Walk With Me) and white (RSYP Youth Project). Despite my love for the art of Raf Simons, I won't buy it, as my heart is stolen by Raf's oversized coats. Anyway, people undoubtedly will buy it (the black one is already sold out on Browns), but will you?