4 Ways To Get Beach Ready

It may sound stupid, but going on a vacation moreover to the beach isn't as careless as it seems. To entirely enjoy every day at the beach, it needs out-and-out preparations from intensive workouts, seriously planned diets to total body grooming. Mainly I prepare everything a few months ago, so didn't have so much to do, but working out more intensively to get rid of some excess weight. Now when I'm ready and want to share with you some recommendations.



Since now we all have been wandering in stylish but sometimes non-comfy footwear, it could bring a list of anti-aesthetic consequences from discoloured and brittle nails to corns and calluses. And all that will ruin the enjoyment from wearing a new pair of cool sandals or slides.
Despite the fact, you must make appointments to the professional periodically, treating the hands and feet at home is a compulsory part of beauty routine who respects his body. And I know that it's  quite hard to find something stylish, high-quality and functional. So my dears you don't have to think about it, as I've found the coolest set ever existing on this earth. 
The manicure set of Czech & Speake will become an irreplaceable part of your grooming collection. The long grain leather of the case was bespoke created in Italy and finished using a combination of two different tanning processes by two of England’s few remaining traditional tanneries. 

 Czech&Speake Manicure Pedicure Set

The manicure set consists of the following eight items:

  • Tweezers with a slanted jaw for improved function

  • Rounded ended safety scissors, perfect for trimming beards, nose, ears and moustaches

  • Classic nail scissors with a curved blade

  • Nail nippers

  • Nail file

  • Toe nail clipper

  • Professional cuticle nipper.

  • Double-ended professional cuticle instrument

all are handmade in Germany by experienced tool makers,  high-grade steel with Teflon coating. I don't even know what to add more as the approach of the brand while making it says everything itself. I'm sure you'll love it and it'll become your best companion while travelling as it's designed with the traveller in mind, the case weighs just 300 grams and measures 10cm x 17cm. 




This step is commonly stepped by people, but it's so important to get a top notch tan (even I argued with my friends about its importance). Let me explain why it's this important. Every 2 weeks or so the top layer of the skin sheds and giving your body thorough scrub, we get the cells of the skin on its first cycle which guarantee an incredible tan and appearance at all. For a very long time, I use Malin+Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub which effectively buffs away dull and dry skin, while amino acids in it purify and hydrate. In result, you'll have renewed skin ready to get a smooth tan. 





On the beach, the majority (moreover locals) are quite tanned and if you don't want to blind everyone there with your white skin, you need to get at least a little colour. Self-tanning, in this case, is a really good option. The best thing in self-tanners is that you can prolong the tan and fix it if it's needed. While dealing with self-tanners try to prevent yourself from cheaper options if you don't want to be ashamed of your colour afterwards. I discovered for myself a duo of excellent self-tanner for face and body. The tan you get from Sisley Paris Self-Tanning Hydrating Face & Body Skin Care looks so natural and that's because of 2 self-tanning molecules with supplementary benefits: DHA & Erythrulose. Before applying the self-tanner don't forget to scrub the skin for the best results. After 2 hours you'll have a completely credible sun-kissed glow.



Sun Protection

Despite the fact that we go on a vacation to get away from everything, leaving the skin to self-surviving will have the sad consequences. Solar radiation will become our worst enemy and to fight it and keep the health of the skin we need to be strongly equipped. I don't know any powerful SPF moisturizer like Perricone MD Photo Plasma, I've been using for a very long time. It protects against the 10 most common skin aggressors: UVA & UVB damage, chemical irritants, dehydration, extreme cold, pollution, excessive heat, smoke, external stress and free radicals. Except for its protecting features, it also provides an essential hydration and help brighten, firm and smooth the appearance of skin. Is it possible not to love it? I don't think so.