Exciting News! I teamed up with La Galleria luxury chain of boutiques as a creative director and stylist to work on their Fall/Winter 2017 campaign. We wanted to have something more commercial, the result adopted for the customers, so it's quite important to understand the vision of customers of Post Soviet Country. But we tried our best to keep it as cool as possible.
I got a chance to meet an amazing person during the project, Chief Marketing Officer of La Galleria Anna Bisharyan, who supported me with everything and working on every stage of the editorial was an absolute enjoyment with her. Our model, Alina's from Georgia and I really liked the way she's enjoying her role and the atmosphere even though some conditions including weather and the cold she caught. I think for the stylist the coolest part of the work is when you feel how strong and confident a model is feeling herself in the outfit, so you can be sure you did a cool work. 

La Galleria Balenciaga puffer jacket

The main concept is fused with the theme of future, astronomy, retro past and women's empowerment. These are the main versions of flamboyant Gucci, Dior, Balenciaga fashion houses represented by our store. It's about bold and daring, but meanwhile feminine individuality. She is like a space pioneer, ready to explore fashion and is not afraid to mix and match colours, shapes and textures. Paris Heruni Radio Optic Aerial in Orgov was the main inspiration for us to represent the collections. Build in the 1980s the construction embodies the meeting point of future, present and past