6 Travel Essentials

The vacation season won't make us wait a lot and what we can only do is to prepare for it gradually. I've deliberated before writing this article, to realise what's really necessary and why. So here's my list of 6 essential products to bring with you to your next travel. 

It doesn't matter how accurately you plan your trip, as the coolest vacation starts with an adequately stocked suitcase. Before anything else, we need the most necessary thing - a suitcase. I've been looking for a good one for a long time, and I'd never have a thought, that there are smart suitcases with an integrated scale and a pair of discreet USB ports for charging your smartphone, while the proximity sensors make it easy to locate on the carousel. Maybe you're wondering, I'm serious or not, but when everything comes to Raden everything is serious. They've engineered the new generation of suitcases for stress-free travel. It made from Makrolon polycarbonate shell that is equally lightweight and durable. Also, it looks so cool with a lot of colour options with matte and gloss finish. Go ahead and order yours, I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do. 


By the way, there are also a few essentials things; I take with me every time. I drink a lot of water to get my body hydrated all the time. That's why I take MyBkr bottle with me every day. I have two sizes of it (0.5L & 1L), and during the travel, I take the big one with me. Sometimes I mix the water with Fountain "The Green Molecule", at times just a coffee to keep me energised.

We must remember about our skin condition during travel, moreover after jet lag. The skin is getting dryer and keeping it hydrated & radiant looking; I use super-powerful  Perricone MD "Hyalo Plasma" moisturiser with three forms of Hyaluronic (Barrier, Crosslinked and Micro Hyaluronic Acids). To keep the luggage compact, I mainly take with me the kit of essential travel sized products from Malin+Goetz. So my skin is in good hands with them.

To forget about hair would be a horrible crime. I don't like to overuse with the hair products, moreover the look of overstyled hair for everyday life. The wavy, effortless hairstyles we see all over social medias? It doesn't just "happen". I can't but share with you the secret. The secret is in a bottle of salt spray. One of the best salt sprays I've ever used is Balmain Hair Couture texturising salt spray. The effect of it is really irresistible, the smell likewise. Get your summer beach waves without spending hours at a beach. 

And for the first note the perfume to make an atmosphere. Whenever I visit the country for the first time, I buy a fragrance; I've never used before, and start using it only for that period. When I come back, I conceal it and only after some time I apply it on myself and the nostalgia is inexplicable. And for this little experiment, I'm using Le Labo fragrances. The last fragrance I fall in love with is Jasmine 17. It's sensuality amplified by a majestically harmonious chord of musk, sandalwood and vanilla.