Dave Waldorf engaged in the fashion industry for the past 6 years, kicking off his career as a creative director for a domestic brand. Very soon, Waldorf discovered tremendous motivation to stand in front of the camera, instead of working behind. Just 4 years ago he founded the Waldorf's Bazaar and ever since blogging has been his full-time job and passion. Today, Dave Waldorf collaborates with prestigious brands and have been featured on many international online publications including Vogue, Elle and many more.

Waldorf’s Bazaar content covers the aesthetics and components in pretty much everything surrounding us, such as fashion to music, transitioning through cinematography and landing in the contemporary arts. Every aspect of inner and outer beauty is a source of in nite inspiration, which Waldorf is delighted to explore and share with his followers. The content posted on the platforms can vary from skin care to nutrition routine, to music preferences and street style shootings, however, a unique story line and post style can easily be traced.